About Me

Since joining the company in 2002, Rita has received numerous awards and special recognition as a consultant and top producer. Rita says that her positive outlook on life and 16 years of experience as a licensed realtor helps her in the ever-changing real estate market. Rita works as both a seller’s and buyer’s agent throughout the South Bay.

She has also owned, sold, and managed multiple rental properties since 1990 and worked as a consultant on several new home developments. Having been on both sides of the transaction, as both a buyer and as a seller, she understands the needs and emotions of her clients.

Those who have worked with Rita describe her as a “highly competent” and “extremely patient” individual with a “rigorous” work ethic, real passion, and motivation for real estate. She is hands-on, preferring to meet frequently with her clients to make sure she understands their decision factors. The unique insight and diverse perspectives that she has gained from caring for her own properties translates into an exceptional standard of care for her clients. She understands the many facets of transactions and has a heightened awareness as to what makes a smooth and successful transaction for each and every client.